Enjoying the old and the new


There is something deeply satisfying about the fusion between old and new technology for me. So much so that I can see many bloggers wanting to spin this idea into a fully realised exploration (maybe me!)

The fusion here is purely visual – the Apple //e Enhanced glowing green, while the iPad Air 2 using my wireless internet connection to update to iOS 8.3. The iPad Air 2 sits in the groove just above the Apple //e keyboard, almost as if it were made to passively dock with its digital ancestor.

There’s little doubt that the newest line of tablets and computers available in 2015 eclipse the processing speed, memory and graphics of ‘the most personal computer’. Still, I do find some irony in this image – the 8.3 update locked me out of my new device for 30 minutes, while my Apple //e was available at the push of a button – and always has, since it was first assembled in 1984.

More to the point – it just makes for an interesting photograph.

Enjoying the old and the new

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