First Contact

Apple ][ Forever
Apple ][ Forever
This blog is dedicated to my ever growing interest in vintage and retro computing.

What started off as buying a second-hand Sega Mega Drive while studying at university has snowballed into a hobby that keeps me thinking 24/7.

Since then, I have purchased many vintage gaming systems, from Colecovision to Playstation, but none of these acquisitions would match the nostalgia of repurchasing my childhood computer system – an Apple //e.

For me, a large part of this hobby is the result of seeking out nostalgia. Even though I am still a few years shy of 30, I am already looking back at my past, a childhood that was shaped with the likes of a green phosphor monitor and a blue sprite hedgehog.

I suppose I am motivated partly by a search for identity, or at the very least, how these relics of times past have shaped me today. The sweet kick of nostalgia is a bonus.

This blog is dedicated to technology that made me who I am today.


Blogging Retro

First Contact

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